Steve Hill Works

Sant 'Antimo Abbey by Steve Hill
  • Steve Hill

  • Sant 'Antimo Abbey

  • Pastel
  • 10 " x 14 "
  • Painted from my reference skethes and photos taken on an autumn afternoon, this beautiful Romanesque abbey, besides being part of the historic patrimony of the region, today serves also as a background for one of the most authentic Gregorian choirs in all of Europe. Six monks, who follow the order of St. Augustine, still reside there; guarding the abbey and conducting daily services with Gregorian chant as well as organize singing classes. The atmosphere is magic, completely melted with the natural background of peaceful hills, cypresses, and vineyards creating a sensation as if time had stopped centuries ago.

    It is located in central Tuscany @ 9 km from Montalcino, Italy, where the famous world class Brunello wines are produced.
  • $1,600