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Chuck Sites




My inspiration is found all around me.  Much of my work involves nature, the sensual flow of hills colliding together or the complexity of a leaf.  I am an avid people watcher.  I will sit on the train and create stories in my mind of who the people are around me.  My cartoons are what I do when I want a break from my other work.  It is an indulgence I only get to do once in a while.  I find myself in a good mood and giggle the whole time I am making one.  The crazy people I depict are more likely than not a mixture of many people I know or have passed on the street or yelled at in traffic!  My professional inspirations include Georgia Okeefe, Tamara Delempke, and Edward Hopper.


My Design philosophy


I am fascinated with form and color.  Even though my medium and subject matter changes you will see form and color always play an important role.  Movement is something else I love.  I want your eye to move around the art as it reveals its story.  My education was in fine art but I worked in advertising from the late 70s into the 80s.  You will see the graphic edge present in many of my works.