Yer Za Vue Works

Yer Za Vue

Artist Statement:

I ground my art through subject matter that inspires me. I work directly from real life, often painting spontaneously, wet on wet. Creating new works of art this way is challenging, but vital to achieving an energy and expressive quality that appeals to me aesthetically. Using form and shape, I decode and reorganize design in a way that creates harmonious interplay and the illusion of dimension. Abstracting and sacrificing form for the sake of design gives my paintings a unique look and style.


My passion for drawing and painting led me to attend The Kansas City Art Institute, where I received my BFA in Illustration in 1993.  After interning at Hallmark Cards and Disney Feature Animation, I relocated to Orlando, Florida where I spent over 10 years working for Disney on traditional animated films and shorts. My list of credits include The Little Match Girl, Brother BearLilo & StitchJohn HenryTarzanMulanPochontas, and Circle of Life.

Since 2006, I’ve taught animation, illustration and on-location painting at The Art Institute in Portland, Oregon. I've directed numerous animated shorts including Fido, Cinderfella, Bubbles, Masterpiece MakeoverEthos, and Paper Indians.  Teaching allows me to fully pursue my love of painting.

As an active member of the art community, I lead painting workshops to share with others what I have learned. I'm lucky to have joined such an amazing and eclectic group of artists that I've come to cherish.  Painting is one of my greatest loves, and I am happy that it plays such a prominent role in my life now.