Carrie Vielle Works

Carrie Vielle

Biography / Artist Statement



Carrie Vielle has been drawing and painting her entire life. 

She was born in Victoria, B.C. into a family and community immersed in the arts.  Her family members include fine artists, photographers/film makers, actors, writers, musicians and composers – all of whom enriched Carrie’s arts education. Carrie earned a BA in Studio Art and a MA in Art History from Eastern Washington University, and has taught art and design courses for Eastern Washington University, Spokane Falls Community College and now Washington State University.


Carrie has lived and taught in Europe several times.  Having been strongly influenced by the figural work of many of the Italian Masters, she has chosen the figure as her principle artistic subject.  “I feel the nude is the most essential, meaningful way to represent the human form.  It is when we are the most raw, vulnerable, beautiful and readable.” 


Carrie views the role of art as one of communication and connection.  “My work explores the universal expressive language of the human body.  Each of us has felt joy, sensuality, loneliness, melancholy, etc.  I want viewers to see these expressions in my work and engage in a dialogue with the figures.  By identifying with an image the viewer might better understand that the human condition is shared, that we are never really alone.”


Several years ago Carrie decided to pursue her artistic passions

full time.  Her work has been warmly accepted into national galleries and been included in international exhibits

and collections.