Marilyn Hocking Works



I was born and grew up in Southern Louisiana and lived more than half of my life in and around Houston, Texas. For over ten years now my family and I have had the pleasure of living on a small rural acreage just out side of Ridgefield -this really is our little corner of Paradise!


My painting style, whether oil, pastel or colored pencil, is certainly a form of realism, but I generally do not strive for a photo-realistic look. I prefer to think of it as “realistic idealism”. I believe (as I know do many others) that the Greatest Artist has already created the original Masterpiece all around us and we are living smack in the middle of it. Unfortunately, our hectic, contemporary lives leave us many days very preoccupied and unaware.


My objective, when painting, is an attempt to shine a spot light on some small slice of life, generally viewed as, perhaps, ordinary or mundane, and reframe it as something in which to rejoice. Hopefully, the viewer will see the tiny, everyday miracles that I am trying to acknowledge. The subject in my work reflect the loves of my life, which in turn, often reflect the old Cajun culture and tradition which flows in my veins- love of nature and all things outdoors, gardening, great food (both cooking and consuming) and celebrating of family.


I am truly honored to share my work with you and hope that in viewing it, you will find something that will bring a warm smile to your heart.