Mary Jane Larson Works



My goal as an artist is to create art I enjoy.  I love to capture the lights and shadows on flowers on a sunny day.  Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to paint.

I love to garden. Most of my floral painting references originate in my organic garden. My garden produces exquisitely colorful, fragrant flowers and organic produce that feeds my heart and soul. Color, texture, fragrance and freshness all bring me pleasure.

When I lived in Hawaii, I was surrounded with fresh flowers.  Here in Vancouver, I try to keep orchids blooming year around, however my winter flowers are often my paintings. They make a gray day seem warmer, brighter and cheerier.

I love color, lots of color. To achieve this I use many layers of thin washes to build up intense colors. Sort of like basting a turkey to give it that golden glow. I prefer transparent colors so the multiple layers of paint show through. Sometimes I have to use semitransparent to achieve the effects I want.

I was born, raised and educated in Alaska.  My parents were avid gardeners and artists.  I have lived and taught elementary school from coast to coast, traveled in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and China.  These experiences have provided me with new reference materials, friends and inspiration. My family, friends and artist critiques keep me painting.  I love to share my art with others as a colorful diary of my perceptions in a traditional, realistic way.